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 Voices around the world are demanding leadership in 2015 on poverty, inequality and climate change. These universal challenges demand
 global action, and this year presents unprecedented opportunities for achieving the future we want.

What kind of future will we live in? What will Montenegro look like in 2030? These questions are very hard to answer, for sure, as the future is getting more and more uncertain. But that’s not the reason to sit and wait for the future to happen.


What do the young people in Montenegro want? What are their aspirations? Which challenges do they face? What are their chances at the rapidly changing labour market of modern era?




More than 12.000 people of Montenegro, which makes 2% of country’s population, were actively involved within a two-stage process of national Post-2015 consultations.



  A one-floor so-called “smart” building, is conceptualised to combine energy-efficient, environmentally friendly technology and modern design, and it smoothly fits in the landscape between the two bridges on the river Morača. The building brings together UNDP, UNICEF, UNHCR and IOM to work under one roof within the Delivering as One framework.

UN Montenegro news

Cycling for Green Future

Podgorica, 30 January 2016 – More than 150 cyclists took part in a 29th Critical Mass bicycle ride in Montenegrin capital organised by the NGO in cooperation with the UN System in Montenegro and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration. The event was dedicated to recently adopted Paris Agreement on climate change, signed by...

Are we as smart as the SDGs?

A blog post by Gina Lucarelli of UNDG, originally published on Silo Fighters.   While many of us in the UN see 2015 as a triumphant year for multilateralism, there are those who hold lingering doubts about the agreement on Agenda 2030, an ambitious set of goals that establishes milestones of growth & equality within the limits of the planet....

Joint five-year journey towards the future of Montenegro

The modern age of globalisation brought completely new paradigm of life, exposing people and countries all over the world to a number of new, emerging uncertainties. In a fast-changing world, challenges are many and more complex, and the way to address them can hardly be more efficient than through partnerships.   Montenegro is no exception. One of...

In the spotlight

UN Montenegro in action

Preparing for the future(s): Open space for citizens’ engagement

Buckminster Fuller was a polymath and one of the most well regarded futurists of the 20th century. Bucky, as he liked to be called,...
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Vox Populi on SDGs in Montenegro

Citizens of the world created the new Development Plan 2030. More than 8 million of them. Montenegro has played an important role in...
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Violence against women is not acceptable and can be prevented!

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the United Nations System in Montenegro is calling for renewed...
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Preparing for the future(s): Foresight, citizens’ insights and serious games

OpEd by Ana Dautovic, Marija Novkovic, originally published on UNDG’s Silo Fighters Most people feel that the future is linear:...
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Back home: Six refugee families return to Kosovo

A grey, cloudy morning in the Konik I refugee camp on the outskirts of Podgorica did not seem to herald an exciting development. The...
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Montenegro introduces national, toll-free, anonymous SOS helpline for victims of violence of family

Do you know how to recognize violence in family? Do you know all its forms and facets? Do you know where to seek help and which...
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Pursuing guidance and support

Ivana Zorić is a self-confident 17-year-old girl, who knows what she wants to achieve in life, but she needs support and guidance. She...
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Brother, son and Real Madrid fan: Get to know Ammar*, a refugee from Syria

“I’m a huge football fan. My favourite club is Real Madrid and I hardly ever missed any of their games. I normally used to watch the...
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Sustainable development goals