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The festival “Touch Durmitor, Be a Part of the World Heritage” was organised in National Park Durmitor to mark the 40th anniversary of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention. Three-day festival of outdoor activities, named “World Heritage and Sustainable Development: the Role of Local Communities in the Management of World Heritage Sites” brought together number of international, national and local partners, volunteers and enthusiasts.

“We had unique opportunity to align efforts for recognition of the importance and values of Durmitor area. The festival inspired many for further joint engagements in management and sustainable development actions, where local stakeholders have advancing role”, said Ana Katnic, National Professional Officer, UNESCO.

The festival hosted three days of various activities and events, opening day including exhibition of local products from Zabljak, food and drinks, folklore assembly coming from Pljevlja, poetry, presentations about fire risk reduction project by National parks, as well as children’s exhibition “My portrait of the cultural heritage” attracting children and teachers from all parts of Montenegro. “The World Heritage is aimed for all generations, and for the future”, said Maja from Herceg Novi’s kindergarten.

Despite the bad weather, local partners kept the spirit and called on the more intensive adrenalin activities: hiking, rafting, cannoning, and kayaking. “I leave and raft with Tara, as long as it exists, there will be a place for me and my ascenders to love it and protect it“, said Goran Lekovic, rafter from Durmitor.

Particular attention was driven by the action “Leave No Trace” organised by the Mojkovac Tourist Organisation and the Municipality, which gathered number of enthusiasts to clean the upper part of Tara River.

The peak of the celebration was the second night concert performed by the band coming from the part of the World Heritage area “Piva jazz band”, followed by unique performance of famous drummer Dragoljub Djuricic and its group, and ended up with Disco editorial after party.



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