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New frontiers for the development of business clusters

Roundtable on launching the project “Enhancing the competitiveness of local 
SMEs in Montenegro through cluster development”
A two-year EU-funded project, which is 5% cofounded by UNIDO, in the amount of EUR 525,000, entitled “Enhancing the competitiveness of local SMEs in Montenegro through cluster development” was launched today in the presence of key national stakeholders from the public and private sectors, including relevant Ministries, NGOs, academia and company representatives amongst others.
The roundtable meeting was opened by Ms. Nina Vujosevic, Director General for Development in the Ministry of Economy, and Mr. André Lys, Head of Operations of the Delegation of European Union to Montenegro, followed by a joint UNIDO and UNDP presentation on the respective project components. The event aslo included dynamic clusters stakeholders' discussion, during which they exchanged expectations from the differnt phases of the project.
Building on a prior One-UN initiative, this project will be implemented by the United Nations for Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The Ministry of Economy is the main project counterpart and coordinating body for the implementation of activities.
Through training and capacity building on marketing and production related aspects, study visits, market research and the development of joint projects and funding proposals, it seeks to strengthen the competitiveness and market access of selected clusters in Montenegro, with a strong emphasis on the Northern region and less developed municipalities. A part of the activities will also relate to technical assistance to local self-government units to further develop project pipelines with a focus on competitiveness issues and of relevance to clusters.
In this way, the project will support the implementation of the Strategy for Sustainable Economic Growth through the Development of Business Clusters (2012-2016) and also facilitate the implementation of the strategic developments plans of local self-government units with relation to clusters development.