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Government of Montenegro
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Having received the recommendation of the Security Council of 22 June 2006 that Montenegro should be admitted to membership in the United Nations, the General Assembly decided to admit Montenegro to membership in the United Nations as the 192nd member of the United Nation, at is session of June 28, 2006.

After the admission of Montenegro to membership in the United Nations, Montenegro appointed permanent representatives to UN in New York, Vienna and Geneva. At the same time, Montenegro initiated procedure and became a member of almost all UN agencies and specialized organizations within the UN system.

Instrument of accession to the conventions was deposited with the UN Secretary-General on 23 October 2006 related to different areas: diplomatic and consular relations, human rights protection, rights of refugees and apatrides, health, international trade and development, transportation, education, law of the sea, commercial arbitrage, telecommunications, disarmament, environmental protection, etc.

Through participation in work of the United Nations and its specialized agencies (UNDP, UNICEF, UNHCR, UNESCO, UNIDO, IAEA, FAO, UNEP, etc), and specialized organizations within the UN system (WHO, ILO, IMO, etc) Montenegro is beneficiary of numerous support programmes to development and cooperation, and, at the same time, contributes to the Organisation’s activities through active participation in the UN bodies in New York, Geneva and Vienna.

In order to strengthen its activities within the UN system, Montenegro presented its candidature for membership in following UN bodies: Council of the Commission for Sustainable Development for 2011-2014; Executive board UNDP/United Nations Population Fond for 2012-2015; Security Council for 2026 – 2027; Human Rights Council for 2012-2015; UNESCO’s Executive Board.

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