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The Integrated UN Programme
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The Integrated UN Programme in Montenegro is guided by the over-arching goal of European Union integration as well as by national development strategies. These are articulated in:

  • The Poverty Alleviation and Social Inclusion Strategy 2007-11 (PASIS)
  • The Strategy for Social and Child Welfare Development 2008-2012
  • The National Action Plan for Resolution of the Status of Displaced Persons from the Former Yugoslav Republics and of the Status of the Internally Displaced Persons from Kosovo under UNSCR 1244 Residing in Montenegro.

The programmes of other international stakeholders have also been taken into account in order to create synergy, avoid duplication. This also adheres to the global reform agenda with respect to harmonization and increased aid effectiveness in the context of the Paris Declaration.

The Integrated UN Programme for Montenegro consists of three strategic programme pillars:

  • Social Inclusion
  • Democratic Governance
  • Sustainable Economic Development & Environmental Protection

In all three areas, the core principles of human rights, gender equality and national capacity development are upheld and incorporated. In addition, the Integrated UN Programme prioritises the application of socially inclusive strategies throughout the implementation of the Programme.

The Integrated UN Programme is operates through a set of annual work plans, one for each programmatic Pillar (Pillar Annual Work Plans) and one for UN Operations and Coordination.  These four plans are consolidated into a UN Annual Work Plan that is approved by the Joint Country Steering Committee

The goal of the Integrated UN Programme for Montenegro is to enhance development by combining the relative expertise and resources of various UN organisations operating in the country into one cohesive framework.  In partnership with the Government and other stakeholders the UN system delivers focused and valuable assistance in the area of development.  The Integrated UN Programme creates a harmonized organization with unity of purpose, coherence in management and efficiency in operations.


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