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UN Women in Montenegro
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In Montenegro, UN Women is implementing the following projects: “Advancing Women’s Economic and Social Rights” (2010-2012) with financial support by the Government of Norway.   


Advancing Women’s Economic and Social Rights (2010-2012)

The overarching goal of the project is to contribute to the elimination of gender-based discrimination in the labour market and to mainstream gender in policies, service delivery and budgets in Montenegro by strengthening the capacities of duty-bearers and rights-holders to implement international and national commitments to gender equality women’s economic rights.

The project aims to strengthen the capacities of key labour market institutions, employment services and complaint mechanisms and to mainstream gender in their policies, operations and budgets. It also seeks to strengthen the capacities of gender equality mechanisms on all administrative levels (national, provincial and local) and of gender equality advocates in civil society to advocate for and monitor the integration of gender equality into laws, strategies, policies and budgets.

Advancing towards this goal, the project focuses on achieving the following three outcomes:

  • Relevant laws and bylaws, and national, provincial and local policies and budgets related to economic security and rights, especially employment, are passed or amended to be more in line with international and national commitments to gender equality and women's human rights.

  • Key policy institutions, service delivery institutions and complaint mechanisms in Montenegro have increased capacities and improved procedures and incentives to implement existing laws and policies that promote and protect women's economic security and rights, especially regarding employment.

  • Gender Equality Mechanisms (GEMs), gender equality experts, advocates and their organizations and networks in Montenegro enhance their capacity and influence to ensure that there are strong gender equality dimensions in laws and national, provincial and local policies, strategies and budgets that are relevant to women's economic security and rights.

The project is also implemented in Serbia.


Advancing Women’s Economic and Social Rights - Brochure ENG

Unaprjeđenje ekonomskih i socijalnih prava žena - Brošura MNE


UN Women Partners in Montenegro

UN Women in Montenegro cooperates with governmental partners at the national and local level, independent institutions, governmental bodies, complaints mechanisms, the judiciary, gender equality mechanisms at all levels, partners in social dialogue and non-governmental organizations.

Partner institutions and organizations in Montenegro 

  • Ministry of Human and Minority Rights – Department for Gender Equality

  • Protector of Human Rights and Freedoms

  • Employment Agency

  • Montenegrin Federation of Employers

  • Parliamentarian Committee for Gender Equality

  • Center for Development of Non-governmental Organizations

  • Women’s Alliance for Development


The Journey of Women's Rights: 1911-2011



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