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Good Health System Governance


Under the UN integrated programme ”Delivering as One” in Montenegro, the World Health Organization (WHO) Country Office in Montenegro and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)  in Montenegro launched a joint project “Good Health System Governance for Equitable, Effective and Quality Health Care in Montenegro”.

The project received UN Country Fund allocations to address a strategic priority for Montenegro, namely the reform of the secondary and tertiary health care systems, in order to rationalize costs, enhance effectiveness and increase transparency. Given the respective comparative advantages of UNDP and WHO respectively, this is an ideal project for joint programming, drawing on WHO’s technical expertise in the health care sector as well as UNDP’s experience in anti-corruption and public administration reform.

This project will support further reform process of the Health sector reform in Montenegro through implementation of the three key components:

  1. Support in developing a comprehensive Capacity Development Action Plan based on the assessment that will allow top management of health system an evidence based policy planning and the development of mechanisms which would identify current functional gaps and would address issues related to the institutional capacity and policies in health finance, pharmaceutical policy.

  2. Support to development of the Strategy for the reform of the secondary and tertiary levels of the health sector with a main aim to ensure adequate response to the population’s health needs and enable equal access to quality health services across different levels of care to all social groups regardless of their socio-economic status and geographical distribution;

  3. Support in creating an information system which would enable the Emergency Medical Service Institute (EMSI) to be more effective and efficient in the provision of municipal land ambulance emergency response, and to achieve accountability and integrity of the system.It is expected to provide the scenario for the design of EMS dispatch and communications system for the whole of Montenegro and also the part of the system which can be implemented immediately within the Project resources.

Technical assistance has been provided by the team of experts which until now had paid three missions to Montenegro and provided their advisory services in designing the second draft of the National Strategy.

Capacity development activities, such as the study visit to Estonia, has supported the development of individual capacities, while system-level activities relating to the development of the strategy for reform, is addressing capacity needs at the systemic level. 

Good Health System Governance for Equitable, Effective and Quality Health Care in Montenegro
Key indicators:
  • Development of necessary bylaws and institutional procedural instruments in line with international standards
  • Number of new measures and standards integrated into policies and practice of relevant ministries
  • Introduction of adopted Strategies and APs to service providers with relevant trainings on its implementation.
Project Duration:
Jun 2010 - Dec 2011
Project Budget:
Available resources $ 264,000
MDTF - Multi-Donor Trust Fund Office
  • World Health Organization
  • Government of Montenegro
  • Ministry of Health
  • Health Insurance Fund
  • Institute of Public Health
  • Emergency Medical Service Institute
Participating UN agencies
Expected outputs
To enhance the provision of quality secondary and tertiary level health services by raising the capacity of the health professionals and reducing health inequalities by promoting good governance for increased transparency and accountability of the sector.

Strategy for optimization of Secondary and Tertiary Health Care levels with implementation action plan

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Contact person: 
Mr. Miodrag Dragišić, SI Cluster Leader
UNDP Montenegro
Bul. Sv. Petra Cetinjskog 1A
81 000 Podgorica
Tel. +382 20 22 55 33; Fax +382 20 22 55 51