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UN Climate Conference COP22: Keeping momentum as Paris Agreement comes into force


The Paris Agreement entered into force on 4 November 2016. While the COP 22 which opened today in Marrakech is the first step on the road to its implementation. As we look to this new era, UNDP will continue to draw upon its extensive experience, partnerships and expertise towards a development that is zero-carbon, climate-resilient and sustainable.

The adoption of the historic, global agreement on climate change in December 2015 and its recent ratification provides a unique opportunity to deliver sustainable development through action on climate change. UNDP believes that the implementation of the Paris Agreement must deliver a universal and ambitious action on climate change that ultimately limits global temperature rise to no more than 1.5 degrees. Accompanying this, the implementation of the Paris Agreement must scale up adaptation and resilience for developing countries that will bear the brunt of climate impacts and fostering zero carbon sustainable development including through the implementation of NDCs. The implementation of the Paris Agreement must be equitable and ensure progress for all countries. For UNDP successfully implementing the Paris Agreement will be reliant on its objectives being integrated in overall development policy and planning and capitalizing on the opportunities that climate change presents to drive development.

UNDP has developed an exceptional understanding of the challenges and solutions needed for developing countries to implement the Paris Agreement, within the context of their development goals. UNDP’s vision is a zero-carbon path that promotes and protects climate-resilient, sustainable development and environmental integrity. Our post 2015 climate change commitment prioritizes action on zero carbon growth and adaptation and resilience to realize this vision. Specifically on the implementation of Agreements under the UNFCCC, UNDP’s portfolio of mitigation and adaptation projects supports all of the mechanisms that have been established under the UNFCCC process and as the global community looks to implement a new agreement we stand ready to accelerate action in these areas As we look to support countries in implementing the Paris Agreement we will be looking to identify opportunities and synergies for these mechanisms, including the NDCs, to support and drive progress on the SDGs and overall sustainable development.


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