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Panel discussion at the University of Montenegro on the occasion of World Scence Day 2013
photo: UN Montenegro
Podgorica, 11 November
The UNESCO World Science Day for Peace and Development was celebrated for the first time in Montenegro, focusing on the importance of water.
The Ministry of Science of Montenegro together with UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Venice (Italy) and the Montenegro National Commission for UNESCO organised a panel discussion at the University of Montenegro. In parallel, the “Overseas Discovery” exhibition was organised at the Delta City in cooperation with the National Parks of Montenegro.
UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova, whose video message was trasmitted at the University forum, emphasized the importance of the link between science and policy in the context of water usage. “Water resources pay no heed to borders - our cooperation must be guided by the spirit of solidarity. Together, we can harness the full power of water to strengthen human dignity and build a better future for all,” said Ms. Bokova.
Message by Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO, on the occasion of World Science Day 
for Peace and Development 2013 celebrated under the theme: Science for Water Cooperation: 
Sharing Data, Knowledge and Innovations, highlights
Various aspects of the importance of water were discussed at the panel discussion “Water as the strategic resource for development of Montenegro” by the Minister of Science Sanja Vlahović, Minister of Agriculture Petar Ivanovic, Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism Branimir Gvozdenovic and the UN Resident Coordinator in Montenegro Rastislav Vrbensky.
The discussion brought up number of issues such as water protection, water scientific research, irrigation and economic importance of water, and many others, sparking great interest of those present.
The second panel discussion “Science in the service of cooperation in the field of water management” focused on scientific aspects of water usage in the fields of energy, agriculture, biology, ecology and tourism.
At the exhibition “Overseas Discovery” in shopping mall Delta City
photo: Ministry of Science of Montenegro 
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At the exhibition “Overseas Discovery”, children had the opportunity to learn more about research of the seas and oceans, great sailors and underwater discoveries. Representatives of the National Parks of Montenegro provided children-tailored information about fresh water as well as information about the national parks in Montenegro. The exhibition also displayed water issue related cartoons created by school children from around the world from from the educative cartoon series “H2Ooooh!”.
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