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UN Montenegro in Action

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Sealing the joint vision of strategic cooperation

The new strategic document on Government-UN cooperation for the period 2017-2021 was signed at the ninth session Joint Country Steering Committee, the joint body which monitors implementation of the Integrated UN Programme which articulates cooperation between Montenegro and the United Nations system in the country.

Merging forces to design Youth Strategy for Montenegro

The vision, expected outcomes, goals and implementation mechanisms for the new National Youth Strategy were defined during the strategic retreat organized by the Directorate for Youth and Sports and UN System in Montenegro. The two-day retreat gathered representatives of institutions, organizations, young people and UN organizations to jointly set the foundations of the...

Enabling Life of Dignity for all Children

OpEd By the UNICEF Representative to Montenegro, Benjamin Perks.   Almost 100 years ago a boy named Toma died of hunger in a village in Mojkovac. Milovan Djilas recalled: “The entire village took his death as it’s own grave fault: the child might have been saved somehow”. Overcoming childhood poverty himself, Djilas became a leading Yugoslav socialist theorist and a...

Cycling for Green Future

Podgorica, 30 January 2016 – More than 150 cyclists took part in a 29th Critical Mass bicycle ride in Montenegrin capital organised by the NGO in cooperation with the UN System in Montenegro and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration. The event was dedicated to recently adopted Paris Agreement on climate change, signed by 195 countries,...

Vox Populi on SDGs in Montenegro

Citizens of the world created the new Development Plan 2030. More than 8 million of them. Montenegro has played an important role in the process of elaborating the development agenda for the next 15 years. More than 8000 people from our country, i.e. 1,3% of the total population actively participated in the process of Post-Millennium national consultations 2013. They...

Preparing for the future(s): Foresight, citizens’ insights and serious games

OpEd by Ana Dautovic, Marija Novkovic, originally published on UNDG’s Silo Fighters Most people feel that the future is linear: if you perform well in school, you’ll get a job; if you work hard, you’ll be promoted; if you save, you’ll be able to live well through your retirement age, et cetera, et cetera. There is a great level of comfort in the IF → THEN causal...

Back home: Six refugee families return to Kosovo

A grey, cloudy morning in the Konik I refugee camp on the outskirts of Podgorica did not seem to herald an exciting development. The camp residents had just got up and appeared to be going about their usual business. But the bustle at the entrance to the camp was a sign that this day was a bit different from everyday routine.

Pursuing guidance and support

Ivana Zorić is a self-confident 17-year-old girl, who knows what she wants to achieve in life, but she needs support and guidance. She is growing up in Berane, a small town in northern Montenegro, the poorest region in the country which offers, according to her...
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