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Youth Empowerment Programme - ProDoc

“Supporting economic integration of young people in Montenegro with a focus on underdeveloped North”
This joint programme, which puts together the expertise and the strengths of UN agencies in the country, is aimed at improving current socio-economic situation of youth in Montenegro, with particular emphasis on vulnerable youth in the North of the country.
The main objective of the joint programme is the economic empowerment and integration of youth into the Montenegrin society and supporting youth become active citizens who participate in decision-making processes. The focus will be on secondary school graduates and young people who have recently graduated from secondary schools, given that this particular demographic group makes the largest number of unemployed in the North of the country. Well-planned and strategic intervention is very much needed here in order to support young people to stay in their communities and motivate them to be more proactive and willing to contribute to their communities’ development.
The project will be implemented through two phases:
Phase 1 of the programme includes set of thorough research and analysis activities aimed at getting comprehensive understanding of the related policy and institutional frameworks, socio-economic situation, behaviour and motivation of young people in Montenegro, with specific focus on the North.
This will be achieved by undertaking the following:
a)   A comprehensive mapping of ongoing programmes targeting young people in Montenegro from a wide range of partners, built on initial mapping exercise already developed by the UN in Montenegro. The aim is to pool, compile and review all available  information on all current or planned programmes and projects regarding youth in the country (including education, employment, life styles and inclusion of youth in decision-making processes);
b)   Conducting Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Survey (KAP Survey) on youth employment and participation, in collaboration with UNICEF Montenegro;
c)   A comprehensive review of existing policies, legal and institutional framework addressing the vulnerability of young people in the country and gap analysis undertaken, in collaboration with UNICEF Montenegro;
d)    Organisation of a nationwide campaign addressing motivational issues relating to various themes: culture of entrepreneurship, youth activism, combined with smaller scale activities, workshops and trainings;
e)    Development of a comprehensive programme on youth empowerment targeting young people in the northern part of Montenegro, which will form the basis of implementation of Phase 2 of the Programme;
f)    Development of resource-mobilisation strategy for the Phase 2 of the Programme.
Phase 2 will be developed based on the results of Phase 1 and will encompass interventions in various segments (institutional, policy, programme) which will respond to the identified gaps, needs and challenges young people and all stakeholders encounter in assuring socio-economic integration and participation of young people.     
Contact person:
Jelena Miljanić
Project Coordinator
UN Coordination Office
Bul. Svetog Petra Cetinjskog 1A
81000 Podgorica
Tel:  +382 20 22 55 33 ext.128
Fax: +382 20 22 55 51


Project title:

Supporting economic integration of young people in Montenegro with a focus on underdeveloped North

Key indicators (Phase I):

  • Evidence base for Phase II project design provided (KAP Survey conducted,  Policy, legal and institutional gap analysis)
  • Project partnerships established and maintained through a  participatory and inclusive approach
  • Smaller scale activities and awareness raising campaign conducted and engaged relevant stakeholders and young people
  • Phase II Project Proposal designed
  • Resources for Phase II Project Proposal mobilized

Project Duration:

Phase I: November 2012 – March 2014

Phase II: March 2014 – March 2016

Project Budget:

Funded Budget: USD 85,000

Unfunded budget: USD 400,000


MPTF  – Multi Partner Trust Fund (Phase I)


Government of Montenegro, Ministry of Education, NGO Forum MNE

Participating UN agencies:


Expected outputs

  • Overview of ongoing work  in the area of youth
  • KAP Survey – research results on knowledge, attitudes and practices towards the causes of high youth unemployment and low youth participation rates
  • Youth related policy, legal and institutional gaps analysis
  • Smaller scale activities and awareness raising campaign
  • Comprehensive programme proposal on empowerment of youth (Phase II of the project) developed
  • Resources for the Phase II of the project mobilized